Whooo Loves Ya

Set of hooting owls on scrabble tiles with bead charms.

4 thoughts on “Whooo Loves Ya

      • Can you make one like the pink and green one, but switch the pink and yellow? So the owl would be green with pink sides (a more hot/fuchsia pink would be vunderbar) and the area around the owl would be yellow? And the same green bead with either yellow or the same pink beads. Can you do that? If not, what are the options?

        Thanks! Also, what would the price be?..

      • HI karen…
        I have a similar owl design I can use with a green face and pink/magenty wings with a touch of silver. I can put it on a yellow background, certainly. I’d have to check if I have those exact beads, but if for some reason not, I’m sure I have something similar. Total cost would vary a bit, depending on what type of chain/hardware (ribbon, ribbon/waxed cord combo, plain ball chain, colored ball chain, ball chain with lobster claw, etc.)…but it’d probably be around $10, shipped.

        Shoot me an e-mail and we can chat, if you like. I also have other color combos for the owl, if you’re not sold on pink and green. 🙂

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